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The Story of a Rice Grain


A picturebook project that I illustrated and designed as part of my Bachelor Degree at The National University of Arts in Bucharest.


The Story of a Rice Grain is a picturebook for children around 5-8 years old. The story is written by Adina Popescu and the project was coordinated by dr.conf.univ. Stela Lie and asist. dr. Giulia Crețulescu.


The story follows the main character, The Rice Grain, into a self discovery journey around the world. The project had 3 important stages that I worked on: the illustrations, the book design and creating the book as an object. This book brought together all the skills I’ve developed in the three years of university studies.


Adobe Photoshop editing and Adobe InDesign for the book and cover layout. The book format is 20/26 cm, inkjet print on 120gsm Pergraphica Natural Smooth paper. The printing and binding of the book was done at Fabrik Media. The illustration are 36/48 cm gouache paintings.


March-June 2022