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Alma Mater UNArte

An art album that shows you the university through its student’s eyes.


During the last year of studies at The National University of Arts we had this assignment about “picturing the school”. The drawings from that assignment were curated by our teacher, dr. Stela Lie, and turned into this album.


I felt like each student has his own view when it comes to the time spent studying at this school, so I kept that in mind when I created this book. I made a chapter for each artist, and I tied everything together  with the cover design and illustration.

The cover:

Since I love working with design and illustration, I pictured the front door of the school to open and close the book. For the front cover I picked the door view from the outside of the building, and for the back cover I picked the same door, but view from the inside of the building, almost like you’re about to walk out.


Adobe Photoshop editing and Adobe InDesign for the book and cover layout.The book format is 20/24vcm, inkjet print on 120gsm colotech paper. The bounding is made in 14 signatures and glued. The cover is part of the text block too.


December-January 2022